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Assemblyman Logue Introduces Bills to Decrease College Costs

With the cost of a college degree increasing over the past several years, Assemblyman Dan Logue has introduced two bills to help lessen the cost. Logue has introduced AB 51 to lessen the cost of a degree through the cal state system to $10,000 and AB181 to lessen the cost for a UC degree to $20,000 by increasing opportunity for high school students to complete more units before entering college.

Click here to listen to Assemblyman Dan Logue

The extra units will be availble in Sciene Technology Engineering and Mathematics also referred to as STEM. STEM focus areas not only prepare students for college but also for higher paying jobs.
Click here to listen to Assemblyman Dan Logue

A combination of the bills Assemblyman Logue has introduced, along with the Governor’s initiative to increase online learning opportunities, will allow students to complete a degree in two to three years rather than four to six years. The bills will now go to subcomittees in both the Assembly and Senate before going to the Governor for a signature. Logue says Yuba City High School and Yuba College have already expressed interest in the pilot programs. Logue hopes that Sierra College and Nevada Joint Union High Schools will express similar interest.

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