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Auburn Police Arrest Copper Theft Suspect

Auburn Police have made one arrest in a series of copper thefts that occurred   near the Auburn airport in April of this year, and are  still seeking other suspects .  Investigator Adam Cline says   suspects were captured on suveillance camera taking copper  pipes and wiring   from a building complex located in the 2300 block of Lindbergh Street near the Auburn airport, but it was difficult to get a good image.
Investigator Cline says it appeared there were multiple people involved with the theft, which took place during early morning hours or late evening hours .  After  a seven month investigation, officers received   information last Thursday that led them to  50-year-old Donald Verbrugge from Alta, California who was already in custody in Placer county Jail on another matter.

Auburn Police arrested Verbrugge  on 2 counts of Burglary,  and   2 counts of Grand Theft.  The Auburn Police Department is still looking for a second suspect involved in these crimes and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Auburn Police Department.

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