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Auburn Police Officer Rescues Man on Fire

Auburn Police Officer Chris Forman, was dispatched along with Auburn Fire Department and CAL FIRE   to what appeared to be a vegetation fire on west bound Interstate 80 near the Russell Road exit last Wednesday.  Officer Forman was the first person on scene and found a man on fire inside the vegetation fire. Officer Forman, previously a Firefighter climbed the cyclone fence with a fire extinguisher to knock down enough of the flames to pull the man out of the fire. Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn says they are very proud of Chris’ heroic efforts.

“Chris did a heroic act here. We’re very proud of Chris. He did reach back into his former career of working as a volunteer at the fire department and those skills did come in handy.”

Foreman summoned dispatch to call for an ambulance. The male had 3rd degree burns over 50% of his body but was conscious and somewhat alert at the time he was transported by ambulance to the UC Davis burn center.   He is still undergoing treatment. Auburn Police Chief Ruffcorn says had Officer Forman not responded and acted quickly, there may have been a much different ending.

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