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Auburn Stabbing Suspect Arrested

Placer County Sheriff’s deputies arrested an Auburn-area transient after he stabbed a man at the Foothills Motel in Auburn.

Dena Irwin with the Placer county Sheriff’s office says just after the stabbing was reported, suspect Jeffrey Lee Threadgill, 45, was walking along Luther Road, a short distance from the motel, when he was spotted by a sergeant en route to the motel on Bowman Road.

“As everyone was en route to the Foothills Motel, a sergeant had previously pulled up the suspect’s name given by the victim on his on car computer and as he was en route of Luther Road, he saw a man that matched that photo walking on the roadway and he was also carrying a backpack that the victim had described. So those two items put together, he was able to turn around and take the suspect into custody without any further incident.”

  The 32-year-old victim encountered Threadgill at the motel, where the victim is staying, and an argument ensued. Threadgill pulled out a red-handled knife and slashed the victim’s left arm, causing a large, deep gash. The victim ran to the motel office and asked the clerk to call 9-1-1. Threadgill fled the scene. The victim was transported to Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital for treatment.

Threadgill was booked at the Placer County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, making threats and for a parole violation. He is being held without bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 7 in the jail courtroom.

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