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Auburn Woman Arrested for Assault

A quiet Saturday afternoon at an Auburn residence turned into a physical confrontation that escalated into a violent attack and eventually the arrest of a local woman. Auburn Police Sgt Dave Neher says officers responded to a report of physical violence at the residence on the 200 block of  Lincoln Way just before 3:00 PM. Upon arrival officers determined that the suspect, Amanda Standbridge, had allegedly forced her way into the the residence and confronted the occupants first attacking the woman.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Dave Neher

The male occupant tried to run interference and subdue Standbridge, but that did not go well.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Dave Neher

Standbridge again began chasing the woman around the apartment with the knife breaking several windows and other items in the residence in the process.

Eventually Amanda Standbridge was detained by Auburn police officers and taken into custody on alleged assault with a deadly weapon, battery, vandalism, and trespassing charges.

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