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Author Event features "California's Troubadour" by Gage McKinney

Popular author of Nevada County History, Gage McKinney is out with a new Book, “California’s Troubadour” which tells the story of Clarence Urmy, California’s first Native published poet who was raised on the San Juan Ridge and Nevada City.

“During the late 19th and early 20th centuries he was one of the best published of California’s poets. He was published in all the major magazines of that time, like the century and western magazines like the Overland Monthly.”

The public will have a chance to meet the author and hear about Clarence Urmy.

“I’m going to be giving the talk at 3:00 PM on Saturday the 12th at the Nevada City United Methodist Church, and the reason that I’m talking there is because Mr. Urmy’s father, who was a Methodist Minister, was a pastor there in about 1880 and Clarence Urmy was living there in the parsonage with his father and family when he published his first poems.”

McKinney other books on the county’s history include the 1930″s: No Depression Here and When Miners Sang.

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