Hollie Grimaldi-Flores

Hollie Grimaldi-Flores


Hollie Grimaldi Flores was born in Binghamton, New York and raised in a nearby suburb, Vestal. She is the youngest of seven children. In 1985 Hollie moved to California with a degree in radio and television production out of Syracuse, NY. She worked for an award winning video production company, David Watts Productions, in San Francisco and for the writer of a top weekly radio show, Countdown USA in Marin County as well as for KRCB-TV, a public access television station in Rohnert Park, CA before moving to Grass Valley in 1995. After relocating to Nevada County, Hollie worked in a mechanical engineering firm and eventually started her own bookkeeping business before deciding to pursue a return to her first love  broadcasting. Hollie is past president of Soroptimist International of Grass Valley and the Board of Directors of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition. Hollie has two children from a previous marriage. Trevor Daniel Wade born in 1990 and Courtney Taylor Wade born in 1994. She is married to Ernie Flores and is sharing the responsibility of raising five boys: Michael, Stephen, Nicholas, Christopher and Timothy aged 26 to 17 as well. When not at the station, Hollie enjoys spending time watching local sports, hiking at the river, reading and attending local events with friends.

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Rediscovering My Warddrobe

Each spring I pack up my cold weather clothing and bring out what I refer to as “summer wear” and in the fall I reverse the process. I put it off for as long as possible this November and just … Read more >

Sugar Free Me

It’s Day 23 and counting. I have eliminated processed and refined sugar from my diet. It’s tricky. Sugar comes with about 52 names and hides in all kinds of unlikely sources. I have been enjoying feeling better overall, sleeping and … Read more >

Historical Exhibit at Rood Center

I received this from a listener and want to share it with you. “I was at the Rood Center today and I was very impressed with the new historical exhibit on display on the 2nd floor. There is an exhibit … Read more >


What better time then now to say, “NO!” to sugar? I have been toying with the idea for awhile and as the “eating season” was fast approaching, I decided to give it a try. Who knows, maybe save myself 10 … Read more >


I have never been much of a runner, but I am trying. Little by little, my “work-out-for-life-partner” Shanin and I have increased from a quarter of a quarter mile around the track at Nevada Union High School to a nice … Read more >

Time to Relax

My son, Trevor Wade, is coming to town for a few days. Trevor moved to New York nearly two years ago but has spent the past seven weeks working as a first point of contact for a whale watching excursion … Read more >


I don’t normally endorse anything or anyone – part of the nature of this business. I try to remain publicly neutral. Some people would say I do this poorly, but since I have been accused of being too far right, … Read more >

Football in the Air

There is an energy in the air that can only mean High school Football kicks off this week! KNCO and Star 94FM proudly broadcast the games live for our community each Friday night as we have for decades. If you … Read more >

Nevada County Courts offer alot of Alternatives

My KNCO Insight guest this week is Nevada County Superior Court Judge Tom Anderson. We talk about the many alternative courts set up in Nevada County – over half a dozen. If you have time, listen to the podcast and … Read more >

Music To My Ears

My husband and I drove to S. Lake Tahoe late Thursday afternoon to take in the Bruno Mars concert at Harvey’s Outdoor Event Center. I am a fan of Bruno and bought the tickets the Monday after his impressive Super … Read more >

Broadcasting Live from the Nevada County Fair

KNCO Newstalk 830 and our sister station, Star 94FM are happy to be at the center of the Nevada County Fairgrounds. We have a chance to meet our listeners and say hello to people we have not seen in a … Read more >

Who Doesn’t Love The Nevada County Fair?

I grew up in a rural area in the state of New York. I was accustomed to county fairs on grass knolls, where the lights from the rides lulled in travelers near and far. You can imagine my disappointment the … Read more >

Summer Celebrations

July is going to be full of celebration and relaxation for me. Beginning with Music in the Mountains Happy Birthday USA on the 3rd and the 4th of July parade in Nevada City, followed by friends who are getting married, … Read more >

The 7th John Kane Penny Pitch

It used to be the KNCO Penny Pitch at Kane’s Restaurant. Last years pitch was the last time I saw John Kane – he died 5 days later. I am happy to say our last meeting was a good one … Read more >

There’s No Place Like Home

As anyone who listens to the station probably knows, my daughter, Courtney Wade, has been in Australia since last June working as a nanny in the little Northwestern city of Karratha. Courtney graduated from Nevada Union in 2012 and did … Read more >

This Week on Fitzsimmons and Flores

Monday – meet the County Librian – Laura Pappani Tuesday – Brandon Davis from California Solar and Electric Company will discuss energy alternatives Wednesday – Marty Lombardi – a fairly new resident to the county who has jumped in deep … Read more >

From the Tell Us Something Good File – Kitten Finds a Home

A great story of getting a bumpy start – from Tell Me Something Good. I work graveyard on a thousand acre ranch in Nevada City. I came home on Friday morning 5/2 and picked up my boyfriend for an appointment … Read more >

Fitzsimmons is on Vacation – Flores is a wildcard

This week I got a little creative with guests. Monday – a 15 year old at Ghidotti Early College High School who is graduating with one class short of three (3) Associates Degrees as she accepts one of 20 Brown … Read more >

This week on Fitzsimmons and Flores

Monday – Sol Henson – Sierra Streams Tuesday – Sheriff Keith Royal Wednesday – Gail Johnson – Adoption Bill Lynn McDaniel – Senior Projects at Nevada Union

Fitzsimmons and Flores

This week : Tom Browning, Battalion Chief North San Juan Fire District – Discussing Measure Q Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Common Core Sue Horne, Assessor Diane Covington-Carter, Author

This week on Fitzsimmons and Flores

This week from 1pm- 2pm: Sgt Sam Brown- Search and Rescue; Mardi Caldwell – Woman Owned Business the Year; Rick Robins – Public Banking and Dan Landon – Dorsey Drive

A Great Teacher Remembered

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Craig Zetterberg. He was one of those special teachers you hear about. My daughter won the lottery the day that mans name appeared on her schedule in her sophomore year. Courtney … Read more >

Happy St. Patricks Day

I saw this on a facebook post and thought I would share it: Pubs. Official Sunscreen of Ireland. Enjoy the day. Please be safe.


I took a few days off recently to meet a friend in Florida. Our mission was to find a rental/vacation home for her in a town we would enjoy. As we drove around Florida (480 miles in 4 1/2 days), … Read more >

It is a small town.

My husband was recently attacked by a German Shepard who was off leash at the Empire Mine. Ernie (my husband) runs at the Empire Mine a couple of times a week. This is his first attack on this trail. He … Read more >

Rain, Rain….

I grew up in New York State. The year I graduated from high school, my town was listed number five as the best place to grow up if you are a duck (according to the Farmers Almanac.) As I recall, … Read more >

The Whole Food Thing

I went to the Wild and Scenic Film Festival and saw a documentary called “GMO OMG.” It explained how GMO (genetically modified organisms) are finding its way into our food – all kinds of food from all types of sources. … Read more >

New Year, Same Old Resolutions

I am already behind in my resolve to keep my blog current! I spent some time this week thinking about the things in my life I would like to change in 2014. I decided to write some of them down … Read more >

Safe Travels

Today on Fitzsimmons and Flores, we discussed the many varied options for ringing in the New Year. Above all, please be smart and safe and find a sober mode of transportation home. I hope to take some time to reflect … Read more >

The Hustle and Bustle That is the Holiday Season

It is a busy time. I think we can all agree on that. I hope you are able to take a moment or two to enjoy the beauty of our community and the generous spirit that surrounds so many. I … Read more >

Year End Tax Tips

Tackling the year end tax status is never fun. In my house, we are realizing the loss of dependent children. How will new taz laws affect you? Tune in to Fitzsimmons and Flores to find out. If you miss the … Read more >

A Tell Me Something Good Story – Angels Among Us

I love getting messages like this and wanted to share it with you. “My Mom, Flo Blackmarr, and I were finishing up her birthday celebration lunch on Friday 12/13/13 at Lumberjacks, getting ready to eat our ice cream for dessert, … Read more >

Feels Like Home

It is currently 36 degrees. I grew up in New York, on the Pennsylvania border mid way across the state. It is cold there – from October until late April to Mid June most years. One of the parameters in … Read more >

Eat Right and Feel Better!

Laura Seaman of Education Services, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital was the guest on Fitzsimmons and Flores today. She had some great tips on how to eat and what to eat, to help reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. … Read more >

Counting My Blessings

It is the holiday season with Thanksgiving coming up. It is a very different holiday season for me this year as my two biological children are far and away. Trevor, 23, now lives in New York City and while we … Read more >

Allergy Season?

Many people think spring means allergy time, but winter comes with some issues of its own. Join Fitzsimmons and Flores today between 1 and 2 when Dr. Michael McCormick discusses the topic.

Someday I’ll write a book…

But in the meantime, I am thrilled to spend sometime with someone who already has. Blow Drying A Chicken author Molly Fisk will join Tom and I on Fitzsimmons and Flores. Join us from 1 – 2.

Let’s Talk Insurance

The whole Healthcare for All is still a mystery to me. So many questions. Every time I think I have it figured out, I don’t. Join Tom Fitzsimmons and I for Fitzsimmons and Flores with our guest, Julie Roberts-Suzuki, Insurance … Read more >

Tuesday on Fitzsimmons and Flores

We will be discussing the impact of historic mining pollution on Nevada County with representatives of the Sierra Fund. Tune in from 1-2 ! You can call in with comments or questions by calling 272-3424.

The Jr Miners/Jr Bruins Midgets are Going to the Playoffs

KNCO is broadcasting the playoffs at Lincoln High School Saturday beginning at 4 pm. Many local businesses have stepped up to make this happen. How exciting for these boys and their families to hear their game broacast live over the … Read more >

What is the Tea Party all about?

We have been curious. The Tea Party has become part of the political scene over the past few years. Nancy Garcia will be on Fitzsimmons and Flores to spell it all out for us – today from 1 – 2pm

The Right to Vote

A good friend of mine shares this every year when it’s time to vote. It makes me smile every time. I hope you enjoy it too. Ok – Election day means I get to tell this story again this year: … Read more >

All About CORR on Fitzsimmons and Flores

Azriel Lovett and Warren Daniels will be joining Tom Fitzsimmons and me today on Fitzsimmons and Flores from 1 – 2. You can listen online or download it later by going to the podcast site on our home page.

Today on Fitzsimmons and Flores

Listen in today from 1pm-2pm and Tom Fitzsimmons and I talk with Tim Kiser – Grass Valley City Engineer.

Tell Me Something Good Submission.

I love receiving stories from listeners who share positive news. This just came in: One of the students that has participated in our non-profit, Campus Life Gold Country has volunteered to coach a Gold Country Soccer Team because there were … Read more >

Today on Fitzsimmons and Flores

Be sure to tune in today from 1 to 2 pm on KNCO for Fitzsimmons and Flores. We invited Toni Thompson, Executive Director of the Food Bank of Nevada County back on the show to discuss need and upcoming events.

Too Much of a Homer?

Tom Fitzsimmons and I have been co-hosting Fitzsimmons and Flores for about 10 months now. We try to have guests who can speak to topics that are of local interest, but we have also asked well known and lesser known … Read more >

Can I Talk My Blog?

I am happy to report City Council Member and former Mayor of the fine city of Grass Valley, Jan Arbuckle will be the guest of Fitzsimmons and Flores on Thursday October 24th. Tune in and listen. Call in with comments.

Thank You, I appreciate your support


As you may know, I am a participant in the first “Dancing with Our Stars”, a fundraiser for The Center For the Arts. My entry fee of $2,000.00 has been raised and I want to mention those who contributed by … Read more >

Please support the Center For The Arts and Me!

I have been practicing like crazy for the upcoming Dancing with our Stars event with my professional, Barry Connick. You can come to event on August 23rd at the Grass Valley Veterans Hall for an evening of pure entertainment, but … Read more >

The more things change…

When I graduated from high school, I gave a speech with a basic message of how school prepared you for school, but not for life. Fast forward (much faster then I had anticipated) 30+ years and my son sings similar … Read more >

Please Help Me, Help the Center for the Arts

I am excited to write that I am one of 10 Celebrity Dancers selected to compete in the 1st Annual Dancing with Our Stars event slated for August 23, 2013 at The Center for the ARTS. Myself, as well as … Read more >

It all adds up.

I have been doing a bit of volunteer work here and there this holiday season and I just have to say, “You are so generous!” Wednesday night I helped sort toys with the good folks of the local Salvation Army. … Read more >

Feeling a bit like the holidays

I love the holiday season – usually – but this year I have been having a little trouble getting into the spirit of things. To date, I have purchased one gift and getting the tree up and all of the … Read more >

Music and Venues – Finally!

For as along as I have lived in Nevada County, I have been looking for an easy way to see who is playing where on any given night. I didn’t want to have to wait for a weekly publication and … Read more >

There are a lot of good things happening around us.

Thank you to Diane Dealey Neill for this: Six students from Nevada Union High School participated recently in the 2012 Shasta Forestry Challenge, one group of a total of 67 high school students from 11 schools from northern California and … Read more >

Something from the “Tell Me Something Good” Files

A listener came into the office last week with a story they wanted to share.  I was unable to visit with them at the time but later found this note in my mailbox.  It’s a story well worth sharing.   A … Read more >

Living In Paradise

My son, Trevor, spent four years in Santa Barbara attending the UC there and graduated a month ago. This past weekend, he invited some of the life long friends he cultivated there to come see first hand the beauty that … Read more >

Feeding the Hungry

This past weekend, Interfaith Food Ministry parked a truck in front of B&C True Value in hopes of collecting food and funds.  B&C generously donated a Weber Kettle Barbeque valued at approximately $100.  In exchange for  a bag of groceries … Read more >

Another Graduate!

The last few weeks have been full of change.  The high school gradations of course and last weekend, my husband and I traveled to Santa Barbara to watch my son Trevor Wade graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara. … Read more >

Goodbye Nevada Union

My husband and I officially tied the knot in 2001. We had 6 boys and a girl between us.  At the time, the oldest was 15  and the youngest (the only girl, Courtney,) was7.   Along the way our children attended … Read more >

Letting Go of Clutter

I am not a hoarder.  I repeat, I am not a hoarder. I AM NOT A HOARDER, I am not a hoarder… but, I admit, I have a difficult time with waste.  Ask anyone who knows me.  I eat the … Read more >

Hopeful Future

Last week I had the opportunity to judge Senior Projects at Nevada Union High School.   Students spend a minimum of 20 hours working on their given project in addition to writing a research paper on a related topic, producing a … Read more >

A Generous Community – $352.65 raised to support Every 15 Minutes

I love this community.  You probably already know that.  I say it all the time. My heart is softened once again after just visiting with my 17 year old daughter, Courtney.  Courtney has spent her Saturday sitting in front of … Read more >

Another Little Something from the “Tell Me Something Good” file

Many times I am reminded of this incredible community of people who choose Nevada County.  Here is another one to make you smile. : My story is about the free dental day on April 21. 2012 offered by Dr. Gary … Read more >

Donating Blood

Each time I interview someone new during one of the three weekly On The Town interviews I take part in each week, whether it’s “Tell Me Something Good Mondays,” “Taking Care of Business Wednesdays” or “What’s Going On Fridays, ”  … Read more >

The weather is gray, let’s be sunny!

Each day I read the “Tell Me Something Good” submissions and realize there is a lot of positive stuff going on in our community.  Here is another entry to get you into the weekend! “My name is Courtney McCullough,7th grade, … Read more >

A Tell Me Something Good Submission

We are hearing from community members with stories that are heartwarming.  So in these gray days of spring, while our lawns are being watered and our reservoirs are full to over flowing – here is a little sunshine of the … Read more >