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Whooooo….I’m on the Juice!

I just started on the Juice… no- not performance enhancing steroids or Human Growth Hormone… I’m talking fruits and veggies. Circumstances are such that my family has come to possess a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer…. I now have the power … Read more >

Three Things I Learned at Wild and Scenic

Another successful Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City and Grass Valley over the weekend. I am fortunate to be able to attend as  a member of the press. Therefore, beyond covering the event for news items,  I feel … Read more >

Psssssst…..Wanna buy a bag?

“Wanna buy a bag?” That phrase takes on new meaning now that the plastic bag ordinances for Nevada City and Grass Valley went into effect New Year’s Day. Picture a man in a trench coat lurking in the shadows near … Read more >

Wacky New Year

I can’t say that I was sorry to see 2014 end. Though every year is a good year… 2014 was full of challenges both personally and professionally. I was looking forward to the new year. I have to laugh, because … Read more >

Season of Giving…. but Give Responsibly

Yesterday I wrote about my struggle with the Interfaith Food Ministry Food Challenge which resulted in my decision to donate money to the ministry. At the end I implied that if a person had the means and inclination to help … Read more >

My Food Challenge 2014 Failure

After writing about a number of ways to enjoy leftovers… I flashed back on the Interfaith Food Ministry Food Challenge. The challenge was to see if I could eat on $4.50 per day… which is the amount I would be … Read more >

The Many Meals of Leftovers

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving Dinner is leftovers. i laughed out loud during dinner, when I realized I was already thinking about how I was going to approach extras in the kitchen… So I came up with the … Read more >

Help Stop Sex Trafficking- Vote for Jenny as a Woman of Worth


Interview With Courage Worldwide Founder Jenny Williamson KNCO’s Paul Haas had the opportunity to speak with Jenny Williamson, the founder and CEO of Courage Worldwide which oversees Courage House, which builds homes that take in and care for children going … Read more >

My Name is Paul… and I Grocery Shop

We recently ran a story about the the number of men that do the household grocery shopping is on the rise. According to the UC Cooperative Extension, the number of men in a household regularly shopping more than the women … Read more >

I Miss the Olympics

I have to say that the 2014 Winter Olympics were a delight to watch. Much of this has to do with the improved production of the events including camera placements and special effects during replay and of course our personal … Read more >

Paralyzed Without The Remote

Last night my family and I became paralyzed when the Satellite Receiver/DVR remote suddenly vanished. Hours were spent rummaging through the house, retracing steps, opening cabinets, the refrigerator, the oven, dresser drawers. Bathrooms, bedrooms, the trash and the garage were … Read more >

My Favorite Night Of The Year

Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year (maybe with the exception of Fair Week). The excitement of Christmas builds a as hopes and wishes reach a peak…before the grand unveiling Christmas Day Christmas Eve is a special time … Read more >

The Five Daze of Donuts

The Five “Daze” of Donuts- A Holiday Tradition On the First Day of Donuts the newsroom gave to me- A deep-fried chocolate-covered curly thing. On the Second Day of Donuts the newsroom gave to me- Two Custard Filled and a … Read more >

“Philanthrocise”- The Combination of Philanthropy and Excercise

This weekend is the 10th of 11 community run/walks as part of the Gold Country Grand Prix Series. The Grand Prix is a mix of 5k and 10k “races” put on by the Sierra Trailblazers Running Club; each event  supporting … Read more >

Food Challenge 31 Days- Feeling of Guilt

As I mentioned in my Food Challenge 3rd Week Summary, I do not feel like was was a good candidate for the $4.50 per day food allowance based on the SNAP (Food Stamp) formula salary, rent, and basic utilities. I … Read more >

Food Challenge Week 3- Reflection

Twenty-three days into the Food Challenge and I come to an interesting but not surprising understanding that I am not a good candidate to test the $4.50 per day food allowance. My reasoning behind this statement is that I have … Read more >

Food Challenge Week 2 (Days 8-15)

Week 2 Reflection… week two was a challenge as I had a couple of situations that either limited my eating or I was able to take advantage of a “community contribution”. I ate most of the food I purchased, but … Read more >

Food Challenge Day 7

Day 6 Reflection… four opportunities to eat occurred over the week as a result of professional or social situations- “community contributions”- of which I took advantage. Shopped today…. Here is what remains…. Day 7-  This is what remains after Day … Read more >

Food Challenge Day 6

Day 5 Reflection… Had an opportunity to talk about the week with Tom Fitzsimmons on Fitzsimmons and Flores…  we discussed psychological and physical effects….. psychological from the perspective that I am doing this by choice and have an “out” if … Read more >

Food Challenge Day 5

Day 4 Reflection… Tempted by street food at Thursday Night Market but didn’t want to spend any more money. Finding myself hungry out of habit in the evenings now. So here is what remains…. Day 5-  This is what remains … Read more >

Food Challege Day 4

Day 3 Reflection… Hardest day so far… because I spent a lot of time on the road and I am used to stopping at various fast-food and other food establishments between here and San Francisco and back.  (slight menu update … Read more >

Food Challenge Day 3

Day 2 Reflection… No surprises today. Altered the menu slightly by adding two eggs to dinner. Lacking vegetables… So here is what remains…. Day 3-  This is what remains after Day 2… 1 apples (started with three) Rice cereal minus … Read more >

Food Challenge Day 2

Day 1 Reflection… Meals for Day 1 went pretty much as expected… with two exceptions that were a benefit to me. It was a birthday celebration at work and cold cuts and cupcakes were available to all employees. Also- as … Read more >

Food Challenge Day 1

Four dollar and fifty cents a day. That is what the average single  person with 1000 per month income and 500 dollar a month rent with no other assets would get in food assistance. The amount would increase to a … Read more >

I Miss The Fair

I think I am almost done with physical withdrawls from the 2013 Nevada County Fair… for five days it was ” All Fair, All the Time” in my world… and I loved every minute of it. However, Monday morning was … Read more >

One of My Favorite Times of The Year!

I love the Nevada County Fair… I mean I really love it.  I could go everyday and spend time… and this year I get to do it as part of my job. I will be out there everyday…sometimes working the … Read more >

Objects in Motion….Objects at Rest

Newtons Laws of Motion have been proven once again…. Law 1- An object in motion tends to stay in motion… or an object at rest tends to stay at rest…this also goes with my philosophy of making exercise a habit. … Read more >

Like a Well-Oiled NASCAR Team

The 3rd Annual Soap Box Derby to benefit Pioneer Park in Nevada City was a success. The top speed cars, reaching speeds greater than 40 miles per hour, thrilled the crowd as they raced for bragging rights. The Art Car … Read more >

Act of Kindness… or Torture….

Last Saturday morning, after returning from being out of town for a week, I woke up early to attempt another 5k-athon. First of all, I almost missed the start… thinking it was supposed to be at 8:30. However, I did … Read more >

Where is the Remote? A Bizarre and True Story

Ok… so I reached an all new level of misplacing the remote for the TV/DVR… Friday night after dinner I went to turn on the TV and couldn’t find the remote… of course blame was immediately put on the dogs… … Read more >

Best Mother’s Day Ever

I haven’t been a very good son lately. My 87 year old mom lives in San Francisco, and I haven’t been to see her as much as I used to see her. So I made sure that I made it … Read more >

Have I Learned Nothing About Running?

Ok… So I “ran” another 5K-athon at the 13th Annual Daffodil Run last Sunday. It was a beautiful day and a great group of people participated in either the 10 K run, 5 K run or 5 k Walk all … Read more >

Little Girl with a Big Heart and Strong Will


In early December, KNCO ran a story about a little girl that had just been diagnosed with lymphoma.  Within a week of being diagnosed, four year old Olivia Williams began treatment. At the time, if all went well, Olivia would … Read more >

Shattered Hopes The Day After Snow Storm

It was just before 6:00 AM on Wednesday, and students and teachers were lying in bed….radios tuned to KNCO… fingers crossed…hoping….waiting… for the phone to ring….That magical phone call that comes with an automated message saying that school is cancelled- … Read more >

3 Days; 3 Weeks; 3 Months- Its a Habit

Well… How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Today is the 21st- so technically the third week in January just came to an end. I mention this because  it is the toughest time to continue with resolutions  A coach once … Read more >

Donut, The Wonder Dog, Finds Missing Wallet!

Several months ago I wrote about the trials and tribulations of naming our new dog, Donut.  She is beautiful basset hound that is loving to both people and other dogs. She was a replacement for our two older bassets, Hub … Read more >

Thank You for Your Compassion and Generosity

I am constantly impressed with the amount of compassion and generosity that Nevada County residents display in times of need. Recently KNCO has run several stories about county residents that are experiencing hardships- specifically young children fighting cancer- and the … Read more >

What Was I Thinking?

Thanksgiving morning began with hot cup of coffee as I headed out to the 7th Annual Mike Bratton II Turkey Trot. The sun was shining, the air was cool, and as I talked to people at the Turkey Trot the … Read more >

Personal Thanksgiving Reminder

It was five years ago to the day on Monday- the Monday before Thanksgiving.  I woke up November 19, 2007  feeling fine. However, by 2:00 PM my life changed dramatically. A doctor said the three words that will forever ring … Read more >

It’s Time for Holiday Fun- I Can’t Wait!

I love the holiday season in Nevada County! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years- the holiday trifecta- each bring new adventures and activities for local residents and visiting friends and family. With Thanksgiving, comes the kickoff for Cornish Christmas in Grass … Read more >

A Simpler Look at School Funding (Nothing is Simple)

With all the talk about the Governor’s Tax Package being so important to education, it may help if you have little background. For now, we won’t go into specific taxes or propositions- just speak about funding in generalities. The simple … Read more >

Trials and Tribulations of Naming A Pet

My family recently acquired a a beautiful “new” basset hound. She is two years old and came to us already named. However the name did not seem to fit. There are so many things to consider such as gender, appearance … Read more >

How Schools Are Measured

For the first time in over 25 years I was not directly involved with the start of the school year. So I can now provide perspective from the outside. With start of the new school year there is always talk … Read more >

Fresh Perspectives from a Familiar Face

Though I am new to the KNCO family, I am not new to Nevada County. My family and I have  lived here for over 20 years and my roots in Grass Valley date back to the turn of the 20th … Read more >