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Avoid the 5 Nevada County DUI Campaign

The Avoid the Five Nevada County law enforcement campaign begins today and will run through January 1st.  As people celebrate the holiday season they are reminded that police sheriff and the CHP will be out in force to arrest anyone caught driving drunk behind the wheel.  Grass Valley Police Captain Rex Marks says that also includes people under the influence of drugs.  He recommends some simple tips for a safe holiday season.

“Make sure before drinking that there is a designated driver and that you leave your keys at home so that your car is not a temptation to you. Also, if you are impaired, there are options available; calling a friend, calling a taxi, or using other public transportation that will be out en masse during the holiday season.”

Captain Marks says “there are no holiday festivities in Jail.” don’t let your 2011holiday season end in an arrest or worse, death.  In 2009, there were 753 people killed nationwide in crashes that involved drivers or motorcycle riders with blood alcohol concentrations of .08 or higher.  In California, 57 individuals died on the states streets and highways.

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