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Back to Planning Commission for Yuba River Charter

There was another long meeting at the Nevada County Rood Center yesterday as Supervisors, fearing a lawsuit,  eventually voted to return Yuba River Charter School’s plans to build a new school on rough and Ready Highway , back to the Planning commission.  An appeal to the project was filed by a group of neighbors in the area calling themselves friends of Squirrel Creek.  They had threatened to sue if their appeal was denied.  Supervisors kept hearing the same issues come up …those were concerns about traffic, runoff water, and sewer.   Board Chair Hank Weston asked planning commission staff what will it take to prove the project designs will handle those concerns.

Click here to listen to Hank Weston

Yuba River Charter School Director Caleb Buckley says they felt their designs covered all those issues and were disappointed in the delay.
Click here to listen to Caleb Buckley

Anita Daniels, spokesperson for the Friends of Squirrel Creek says they were pleased with the Boards decision and felt like they had really listened to their concerns.

Click here to listen to Anita Daniels

The project has been through the planning process twice…by the end of the 5 hour meeting last evening neighbors and school officials were already talking to each other on the issues. suggesting they may come to some agreement.

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