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Beale Activates RED HORSE Squadron

In addition to the U-2 and Global Hawk, Beale Aire Force Base now has another mission. The 583rd RED HORSE squadron is officially active, after a stand-up ceremony, and an assumption of command ceremony on Saturday. Captain Joe Simms with Beale Public Affairs describes what the RED HORSE squadron does…

Listen to Capt. Joe Simms 1

It will take up to five years for the squadron to become fully operational, with about 100 reserve and civilian members. Simms says Beale is now the only base west of the Mississippi to have a reserve RED HORSE squadron…

Listen to Capt. Joe Simms 2

Having the additional civilian and reserve positions should also provide a boost to the economy. Colonel Timothy Lamb has been named commander of the squadron, which is easily recognizable by the red hats they wear. (Incidentally, RED HORSE stands for Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer.)

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