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Bear River AG Programs Survive Budget Cuts This Year

Bear River High School Agriculture teacher Tim Reed says there are a lot of changes to the program this year, for one they have added a new staff member after another teacher moved on.
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The Ag program is offering a new class this year, it’s actually a course that is being brought back to life thanks to a grant.

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Horticulture students will be working in raised beds on garden projects and do some small scale farming. As far as Ag Mechanics, Reed says that course is full to capacity and the same grant that funded Horticulture was used to make the shop space at Bear River larger. Reed says the Ag Programs were in danger of having their funding cut this year but there was a strong outpouring of support.

Click here to listen to Tim Reed

Assemblymenber Rudy Sala, a Democrat from Bakersfield authored the bill to restore Ag funding and it received by-partisan support.
Reed says it was a battle and the war’s not over, they will continue to lobby for Ag programs to remain funded for the next school year.

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