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Bear River Alum Wins Rhodes Scholarship

Nevada County has its first Rhodes Scholar!

A Bear River High School Graduate, Daniel Price, has been awarded a coveted Rhodes Scholarship from Oxford University in England. A standout student in bioengineering, and electrical engineering and computer sciences, while attending University of California, Berkeley, Price is one of 32 students nationwide to be awarded the scholarship which allow him to complete a Masters degree from the world renowned university. Price gives credit to his high school experience for much of his success at Berkeley.

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Price goes on to say it just wasn’t his science background that led to the Rhodes Scholarship, but a combination of well rounded educational experiences. Price credits his humanities teachers as well.

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Daniel will attend Oxford with the intent of eventually  participating in clinical medicine where he can see the results of his work in  actual problem solving settings.

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Daniel Price also wanted to be sure to give credit and thanks to his parents and his younger sister Rachel for their ongoing support.

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