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Bear Valley Burglary Suspects Arrested

A Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy discovered three people breaking into a home near the Highway 80/20 intersection Saturday.  Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says the deputy called for emergency assistance when several of the burglary suspects fled. Sheriff Royal says because of the remoteness of the area Nevada County deputies were the first to arrive. The search had deputies following tracks in the snow. The Sheriff says it took hours to find the suspects.

 “After about 4 and a half hours of our officer and Placer County officers, the assistance of two helicopters and a canine unit, they were able to fine two additional suspects that were placed in custody.”

 Taken into custody were Robert Henry Fisher 44 of Colfax and Martin Raymond Mederhus 48 of Roseville.  A third suspect is still at large.The Sheriff says many of the residences in the area are not used frequently and it is unknown what was taken from the homes.




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November 30, 2012


This was just down hwy 20 from my house about 200-300 yards. When I woke up that morning to the cops at our door wanting to make sure we hadn't seen anyone. They were everywhere with shotguns and the helicopter was flying just over the trees it was crazy. The guys who's house they robbed father had just passed away leaving him the property so these pathetic scum thieves with the help of someone I'm sure decided to steal from this guy plus locals up here think that they are in connection with the other robberys the boy scout camp got ripped off for close to 100,000 dollars worth of stuff I think it's pure patheticness that these people are allowed to be out of jail robbing people while on probation. I hope the next homeowner shoots.

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