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Bears in Cascade Shores

Residents of Cascade Shores east of Nevada City are used to seeing bears in their neighborhood.  The Animals have made a home close to Scott’s Flat Lake and for the most part are not a nuisance to local residents.  But in the past week what appears to be the same bear has broken into one house and a car.   Heather Galvin lives in the area.

“I understand the one on Gaston actually opened the car door, so no windows were broken or anything.”

Galvin says she saw the bear on her back deck where it was eating bird seed. They promptly took down the bird feeder.

“We’ve talked with other neighbors who have had them come by on Nugget and it sounds like the same bear. So he’s making his rounds and he’s not afraid of people. I videotaped him, actually, for a little bit and he saw me there and looked at me several times but was never scared enough to run away.”

Nevada County Sheriffs took a report on Saturday from Summit Ridge Drive where residents there said the Bear had entered their house when they were away destroying the interior. Wildlife officials suggest do not leave food in vehicles or other areas where it might be attractive to bears, and lock your car and home doors.


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