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Beason wins SMA endorsement in Supervisor Dist.1 race

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Management Association (SMA) has announced their endorsement of First District Supervisor Nate Beason for re-election.  Association president,  Nevada County Sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Pettitt,  explains why they chose to make the endorsement. click to hear Lt. Jeff Pettitt

Lt. Pettitt in a letter to Supervisor Beason wrote, “Since being elected as the District 1 Supervisor, you have proven yourself as a leader and have worked with your constituents on their concerns within the community. Your support of law enforcement and the safety of the citizens of Nevada County are of the highest standards. You have been able to navigate the county through these difficult economic times and still maintain many of the services the citizens of the county depend on.”

The SMA is composed of sheriff’s officers in the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, and captain; as well as investigators from the Office of the District Attorney.

Beason has earlier endorsements from the Nevada County Deputy Sheriff’s Association; the CDF Firefighters, Nevada-Yuba-Placer-Chapter; and the Citizens for Highway 49 Safety.

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