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Behind the Green Mask- Agenda 21

Over the past 20 years, Sustainable Development, also known as Agenda 21 presented by the United Nation in 1992,  has appeared to be the answer to unstructured growth and urban development.  However, the interpretation and implementation in the United States is questionable to some people. Executive Director of the Post Sustainability Institute, Rosa Koire, says Agenda 21 is a cover for corporate manipulation and control.
rosakoireClick here to listen to Rosa Koire

On the surface it seems like 21 year old document is a good thing; but is it?
Click here to listen to Rosa Koire

The plan allows for non-governmental agencies to manage aspects of growth and control which takes power away from people and transfers it to organizations with appointed boards.

To learn more about Behind the Green Mask- Agenda 21, you can see Rosa Koire’s present Tuesday May 21 at 5:30 PM at the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Grass Valley. for more information call 530-478-1331 or visit cabpro.net.

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