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“Big Night” for Miners Foundry and The Nevada City Film Festival

Submitted by:  Hollie Grimaldi Flores

A sold out crowd enjoyed an Italian Feast replicated from the movie Big Night, Saturday night at the Miners Foundry.  The evening featured the 1996 Stanley Tucci film “Big Night.’  A story about a failing Italian restaurant run by two brothers who  gamble on one special night to try to save their business.   Featured in the film is a feast of Italian food that leaves the mouth watering.   Following the movie,  guests enjoyed a replication of the meal prepared by Old 5 Mile House owner/chef Robert Smith.   Executive Director of the Miners Foundry Gretchen Bond said she and Nevada City Film Festival Director Jesse Locks teamed up to bring the film series to Nevada City on a year round basis and help the foundry with fundraising and awareness as well.  More film/food pairings are in the works including “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” scheduled for May.

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