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Big Rig Causes Morning Traffic Delay in Grass Valley

A big rig driver decided too late that he  could not make a turn onto Highway 49 in Grass Valley just before 8 o’clock this morning.  CHP Officer Marc Morrison says the driver of a Watkins/Shepard 18-wheeler tried to come up the on-ramp from Idaho Maryland road to the east bound Highway 49. Officer MoIdaho-Maryland-BigRig-Axrrison says the trouble started when the driver tried to back up on the on ramp.
Click here to listen to Officer Marc Morrison

A passing Advance tow truck was able get the long trailer back on the road. As the driver of the tow truck was unhooking the cables used to pull the trailer back onto the road, the inexperienced big rig driver started to drive away. The quick thinking tow truck driver was able to scramble away from the trailer tires and avoided being crushed. Grass Valley Drivers had to find a different route to get on the freeway for almost a hour.

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