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Board of Equalization Lowers Gas Tax

Who knows what gas prices will be this summer, but motorists will be getting a little bit of a reprieve. The State Board of Equalization voted unanimously yesterday to drop the excise tax three-and-a-half cents a gallon for the upcoming fiscal year. Last year, the board voted to raise the tax by three-and-a-half cents, but Nevada County’s representative on the board, George Runner, says one doesn’t have anything to do with the other…

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The state went to a formula based on anticipated gas consumption about four years ago, instead of just a straight sales tax. Runner says people now have no idea how much tax they’re actually paying…

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Counting all taxes and fees, federal and state, Californians are paying about 70 cents a gallon. Runner says one bit of good news is that when the lower excise tax takes effect July first. California will be the *second*-highest taxed state of gasoline in the nation, behind New York.

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