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Board to Consider Revised Marijuana Ordinance

A major overhaul of the ordinance to abate nuisance marijuana grows in the county will be presented tomorrow afternoon to the county board of supervisors.

Patricia Smith, President of American’s For Safe Access, the local group for responsible Cannabis cultivation says significant head way  has  been made during a meeting with Sheriff Keith Royal and others Friday to make changes to a Proposed-Medical-Marijuana-Ordinance for the county.

Smith on Ordinance 1

The original ordinance, presented to the board of supervisors, brought hours of public comment, much of it negative, about the cost of implementing parts of the requirements such as Fencing and outdoor rather than indoor grows. Smith believes they have addressed the issues.

Smith on Ordinance 2

One of Smith’s concerns was registering with the state

Smith on ordinance 3

The original ordinance required everyone in a collective including patients to register. The revised ordinance is available on the county web site at my Nevada county dot come. and will be hear at the board of supervisors meeting Tomorrow afternoon.

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