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Briar Patch is Doing More to Save Energy

The Briarpatch Co-op in Grass Valley has cut their carbon footprint beyond their 2007 LEED certified building certification. Briar Patch General manager Chris Maher says the Co-Op has taken part in the energy efficiency retrofit and incentive program partnering with PG&E, Energy Smart Grocer and Energy Smart Jobs to save even more energy in 2 ways.

“They got that kind of coalition going to look at a number of different opportunities. The biggest one, the most recent one was the LED lighting in the freezer and we replaced all the fluorescents with LEDs, so LEDs in and of themselves are more energy efficient than fluorescents and then the combined effect is that they throw off less heat, so you don’t have the refrigeration working against the lights.”

Maher says customers will notice the difference in the frozen food aisle.

“It’s really neat, especially if you come in around 8:00 and you go down that aisle and all of a sudden the lights come up for you, like they’re just welcoming you. It’s in the coffee aisle, so it’s an appropriate place to be there in the morning.”

Briar Patch says the LED lighting is responsible for a 89% energy reduction, and an annual energy savings of about $1000. The refrigeration savings is estimated to be about $3800 in one year.

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