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Briarpatch Co-op Supports the Non-GMO Project

Briar Patch Market is supporting people’s right to know what is in the foods they eat.  The proliferation of genetically engineered crops, also referred to as GMOs is a concern to many who prefer to eat Organic or natural foods.  Briarpatch General Manager Chris Maher explains   GMOs are created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology.

“What they do is take a gene from some plant or bacteria or virus or animal and inject it into the DNA of another plant virus or animal. In this case, what we are talking about primarily is the injection of those things into plant sources such as the sugar beets, the corn, soy and cotton.”

The purpose is to create crops that have higher yields, resist pests or are drought resistant.  Maher says  Briarpatch Co-op is  now making a pledge to  label all  independently tested food items that are verified by the Non GMO Project.

“Here is the stuff that we can say through testing, that it’s GMO free and that gives the customer a choice as to what to buy and in our sense we’re promoting the positive instead of trying to rail against the negative.”

 The United States currently has no mandatory GMO labeling requirement.  Maher says all of Western Europe has banned the sale of foods containing GMO’s.

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