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BriarPatch to Start Charging for Bags

The BriarPatch Coop Market is encouraging its customers to bring their own bags when they shop at the store. The Coop doesn’t use plastic bags at all,  and now they are going to add a 10 cent surcharge on paper bags at the checkout counter. According to Marketing Manager, Stephanie Mandel, members and regular customers are aware the the change was coming.
Click here to listen to Stephanie Mandel

Mandel says that currently 6000 new paper bags are used each week. However, she also says that 1500 re-useable bags come through the store as well. The dime surcharge is not a moneymaker for the store, the fee will be put to good use.
Click here to listen to Stephanie Mandel

The roll-out of the bag charge will coincide with Earth Day which is Tuesday April, 22.
As a small reward for the effort, every bag re-user gets a “BriarPatch Bag Club” button

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April 21, 2014


Did we need another reason to keep shopping in Placer county?

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