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Budget Better- Student Asks About Funding Safety

At Wednesday evening’s Nevada Joint Union High School District Board meeting, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Karen Suenram, reported that the conditional approval for the district’s current year budget has been lifted as a result of Proposition 30 passing in November. However, the district still faces a number of financial challenges for this year as well as upcoming years.

The meeting was attended by a large number of district high school seniors that are required to attend a public meeting of a governmental agency in order to satisfy a Government course requirement. After listening to the budget report, one Bear River High School senior, Cindy Solomon, asked a question during public comment about the budget.
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Solomon asked the question because the Connecticut shooting is on student’s minds and she wanted to be sure that School Security personnel were recognized.

Click here to listen to Cindy Solomon

Cindy says she feels safe at Bear River and wants to be sure all students feel safe when they are at school.

Click here to listen to Cindy Solomon

Board members could not respond directly to the question of whether more money would go to security without having additional information about potential costs, but Trustees Richard Baker and Jim Adams along with Superintendent Marianne Cartan assured the audience that safety is number one and that a presentation about school safety would be occurring at an upcoming board meeting following the holiday break.

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