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Bumps in the Road To ObamaCare

The implementation of Obamacare has had a rocky start including here in Nevada County where County Social Services Director Nicole Pollack in giving an update to the County  Supervisors painted a vivid picture.

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Pollack says county social services workers have had to deal with new eligibility rules and policies that are not defined, and training for eligibility workers being cancelled with only a days notice because of problems with computer systems.   Pollack explained  early on, Covered California representatives talked a lot about Healthcare being like  Amazon where people could go to the website and pick the plan they wanted .
Click here to listen to Nicole Pollack

Pollack says one problem is that some counties are using a different software program that what was introduced with Covered California, meaning staff has to enter into two different systems.

Click here to listen to Nicole Pollack

Pollack says Nevada County currently  has 8,340 Medi Cal beneficiaries  ,  half adult, half children and the county  will be picking up more.

Click here to listen to Nicole Pollack

It is expected that Nevada County will receive additional funding from the state  to cover  new Medi Cal enrollees.
Supervisors applauded the County Social Services office for working with a dysfunctional system. Pollack said they do have 6 months to get people enrolled and, taking the process slowly, they will move forward.

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