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Burglary Suspect pleas for return of Stolen Agate

A man who’s Nevada City home was burglarized last week is hoping the public can help him get some of his stolen property back. The Nevada County Sheriff’s office investigated the burglary and arrested a suspect. 30 year old Quincy Herbster who had worked in the man’s home was taken into custody and some gold that was taken from the home was recovered. The property owner, who asked his name not be used, is concerned that a Colt 45 Pistol that was taken from his home may fall into the wrong hands. Herbster did not have it in his possession at the time of his arrest. Also still missing are several slabs of Agate that are ready to be made into jewelry.

click to hear audio of victim

Anyone encountering someone trying to sell the agate slabs or a Colt 45 pistol with stock wood grips is asked to call the Nevada County Sheriff’s office.

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