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Business is Booming at the BriarPatch Co-op

Business is booming at the local co-op market. The BriarPatch Co-op is growing by leaps and bounds. According to Briar Patch Co-op General Manager, Chris Maher, business has quadrupled since moving from the old Joerschke Drive building.
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Local produce sales have grown from 18% to 24% with most of the fresh food products coming from within 100 miles of the store.

Ownership in the BriarPatch is growing almost as rapidly as sales.
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The exponential growth is a good thing, but also presents a challenge for the BriarPatch as the store moves forward.
Click here to listen to Chris Maher

Maher says that a second store requires at least 6000 square feet of retail space in order to accommodate growth. With all three strategies, parking and operational efficiencies are important. Regarding relocation, the ownership would explore potential developments at Loma Rica Ranch, Olympia Plaza, and Dorsey Drive as three possibilities.

A full copy of a report regarding potential growth opportunities is available on the BriarPatch website:  www.briarpatch.coop

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