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Busy Time for Wildlife Rehab and Release

This should be a busy time of year for the volunteers at the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release facility as their hotline rings to re-nest birds that have fallen out of the nest, but  volunteer Karen Koskey says the drought may be having an impact.
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If you do find a baby bird out of the nest Koskey says it’s OK to carefully pick it up and place it in or close to the nest.
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Injured birds or flightless youngsters are taken to the raptor center located in Penn Valley where a team of volunteers try to heal and rehabilitate them.  Koskey says her interest is   the raptors and  last year 203 raptors were received and 87 were released back into the wild within 3 miles from the site they were found.
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The public plays an important role in these rescues. If someone spots an injured or young raptor in distress they can call the W-R-R Hotline432-5522. They have an answering service and a “rehabber” on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release also has a team of Education birds .
Click here to listen to Karen Koskey

Although the intake center is in Grass Valley and the raptor Center in Penn Valley, their area of responsibility covers six counties and is supported entirely through donations. In addition to raptors, they also have songbird, water and ground bird, small mammal, fawn and bat rehabilitation programs. Koskey says volunteers and donations are always welcome.

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