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BYLT and SYRCL Launch “Poop” Project

For parents that are looking for an easy activity for your children and also a fun way to notify the public of an “icky” problem, the Bear Yuba Land Trust is holding a summer long art competition. According to Melody Vance of the Bear Yuba Land Trust, dog waste is a serious issue on local trails and Bear Yuba Land Trust and South Yuba River Citizens League are teaming up to increase community awareness by launching a sign-making contest for kids this summer.

Click here to listen to Melony Vance

Vance says a major problem is that people don’t understand that to the environment, dog waste is not the same as wild animal waste.

Click here to listen to Melony Vance

That’s exactly what the bottom of the signs on the trails will say. Vance goes on to say dog waste is a major contributor to storm water pollution. Rain and melting snow that flows across trails is carried to creeks, rivers and lakes threatening the health of fish and other aquatic life.

The contest kicked off Saturday, June 7 during the event, “Celebration of Trails.” All summer long kids under age 18 will have the chance to design a poster image that conveys the message of “picking up your dog’s poop.”

At the end of summer, a panel of judges will review the artwork and announce a winner at SYRCL’s 17th Annual Greater Yuba River Cleanup and Restoration Day on September 20. The chosen image will appear on signs posted at trailheads throughout the community.

Entry forms can be downloaded at: www.bylt.org.

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