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Cable TV Channels 11 and 17 Broadcasting from the County Rood Center

Our community’s Public, Education, and Government (PEG) access channels 11 and 17 are now broadcasting live from the County’s data center.  Per a previous Board of Supervisors’ resolution, the purchase of a new “station-in-a-box” video broadcasting solution was approved for the county to implement in partnership with the Nevada County Digital Media Center, more commonly known as NCTV.  County staff worked closely with devoted NCTV volunteers and their Board members to successfully transition over to the new platform.  The solution included new “cloud” technology that allows producers to upload community content from any location with an internet connection.  This solution enables NCTV to operative without a costly station engineer on staff and provides them the flexibly to have an office location that is not restricted to the limited Comcast fiber optic service area.

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