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Cal-Fire Wears Pink This Week

Cal Fire’s fire fighters, dispatchers and employees will be showing their support for the battle against breast cancer by wearing modified CAL FIRE with pink logos on them this week. Daniel Berlant with Cal Fire explains the connection.

“Instead of it being Calfire with red lettering, it’s now with pink lettering with a large pink ribbon on the back. In the fire service, there is a correlation between our job and cancer and it’s very unfortunate. But to be able to wear the pink ribbon and show our support really goes a long way for not only our employees that have gone through some type of cancer, but also for their families, their friends and really anybody who’s dealt with such a terrible disease.”

This is a voluntary program so the fire fighters and other are buying the T shirts to wear this week and 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of the T shirts will be donated to cancer related nonprofit organizations.

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