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CAL Pers Changes Codes Regulating Hiring Retired Annuitants

A new law went into effect January 1 that made changes to the codes governing the hiring of retired annuitants by CalPers employers. AB 1028 clarified the rules for State, California State University, school and public agencies to ensure proper classifications are used when employing annuitants. Nevada county sheriff Keith Royal says what CalPers terms minor changes to the codes will have a big impact on his ability to backfill the sheriff’s department when deputies are injured on the job or full time positions are vacant. He says two retired annuitants who were working for the Sheriff’s office have already quit, fearing loss of their CalPers Retirement Benefits.

“Our recent undersheriff, who is working as an interim undersheriff and one of our captains that recently retired that was working as an annuitants for a few months to save some money, so that we keep deputies on the street, have both tendered their resignations because their retirement benefits and their retirement salaries would be greatly impacted if they were found in violation of the law.”

The regulations could also affect Nevada City in its efforts to hire a new police chief and could impact current city employees who are retired annuitants. CalPers spokesperson Amy Norris explains the intent of AB 1028.

“I don’t think they were changes, so to speak as much as a clarification of the law just to tighten things up and to make sure that our public agencies and schools and even the state are hiring properly just to make sure that our retired annuitants truly are in temporary positions, which was always the original intent of the law.”

Cal PERS says they are receiving many calls of concern from working retirees and have posted a circular letter on the CalPers Website to outline the changes. 

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