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CalPERS Forces Out Grass Valley Fire Chief

Similar to Nevada City and its police department, Grass Valley now has to look for a new fire chief…

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City administrator Dan Holler says its because of Cal-PERS, the California Public Employees Retirement System, mandating that small governments hire other personnel, and not use retirees. Clarabutt worked for CalFire for 34 years, before retiring, and working for Grass Valley part time. The city will immediately begin working on finding a replacement, and Clarabutt says he will have some say about what happens next…

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The City Council will discuss the issue in closed session after their regular meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday). No specifics have been disclosed, but Grass Valley Mayor Dan Miller says one option could be for Grass Valley to use Nevada City’s fire chief…

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Clarabutt has been the Grass Valley Fire Chief for five years.

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