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Cal-Trans Creates Deer Crossing at LaBarr Meadows

Work is progressing on the Highway 49/La Barr meadows road construction area, south of Grass Valley. Last week several large concrete deer crossings were delivered and installed. The area is a natural deer crossing and Mark Dinger with Cal-Trans says whenever construction affects the environment, Cal-trans works to mitigate those effects and in this case, that meant creating a safe place for the deer to cross the road.

“Whenever we do a project that affects the environment, we have to do something to mitigate that effect. So obviously, if expanding the highway encroached upon a deer crossing, then we have to mitigate that by providing them a place to cross. Believe it or not, we have a frog crossing in Davis.”

It’s not clear how the deer will know to use the concrete tunnels.

Dinger says the HWY 49 La Barr Meadows project to widen the highway, add shoulders, frontage roads and a signal light are on schedule.

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