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Cal-Trans HWY 20-49 Overcrossing

On your drive around Grass Valley, you may have noticed some stone work being done on the HWY 20 overcrossing of Hwy 49. Mark Dinger with Cal-Trans explains that the project is not just for looks but to maintain the stability of the overcrossing.

“That project was funded out of the state highway operation and protection program. Basically, that was coming off. So, that’s a 40 year old structure there and we needed to go and replace that facing there. If we don’t, moisture could build up there behind it and that could affect the structure. So it’s kind of like putting siding on your house. You want to protect your house from moisture, we want to protect this overcrossing.”

Dinger says that project should be finished shortly.

“We’re doing the rock work there at 20/49 and we also put a new methacrylate bridge deck there on the Brighton Street Overcrossing. So we’re going to be updating that. We’re putting a stripe on that next week. So we’ll be hopefully all done with 20/49 next week. We hope to have all the brick up by this weekend and moving the K-rail either Sunday or Monday.”

The LaBarr Meadows road project has moved off the HWY for now and crews are busy tamping the dirt moved from the East to the West side of HWY 49.

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