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Cal-Trans Work Stoppage Possible

Malcolm Dougherty, the acting Caltrans Director, has sent a letter urging Congress to swiftly pass legislation that will reauthorize transportation funding and protect $23 billion in active state and local transportation projects.

Without an extension or reauthorization, the department will be unable to continue existing transportation projects across the state according to matt Rocco from Cal-Trans district headquarters in Sacramento.

“This, potentially, could be all projects that Caltrans is working on, some local projects as well and that could happen within weeks of the end of the federal fiscal year.”

In a letter to the California congressional delegation, Acting Director Dougherty says  without continued federal funding, thousands of active state and local transportation projects   would grind to a halt within weeks of the end of the Federal Fiscal Year (September 30).

Congress has extended the Act seven times, but the latest extension expires on September 30. The federal government currently provides about $3.4 billion per year for transportation projects across the state.

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