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CalFire Recognized For Aviation Excellence

For the third straight year, CalFire has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration for the maintenance of their aircraft. Spokesman Daniel Berlant says they have won the FAA’s Diamond Award of Excellence…

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CalFire has the largest fire fleet in the world, consisting of 23 air tankers, 14 air tactical aircraft, 11 helicopters, and numerous other fixed wing training planes. They are based at McClellan Air Park in Sacramento, but Berlant says many are stationed in Grass Valley…

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Berlant says the maintenance schedule has been a little tougher this year, because many of the aircraft are logging more flight time due to the dry conditions leading to more fires and a higher fire danger.

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February 13, 2014


These guys and Gals our the best without a doubt.
I almost lost my home this past summer due to fire and without them I would have. Support them as much as you can.

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