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CalFire Urges Residents to Buy Where You Burn

Cal-Fire is urging residents to buy where you burn. As part of a nationwide effort to encourage the public to buy and burn firewood locally, CalFire and the California Firewood Task Force kicked off a public outreach campaign to inform campers, wood cutters, arborists, and the general public about the risks of long-distance movement of firewood. Daniel Berlant with CalFire says even carrying county to county can be a problem.

“Keep it local. If you buy it in Nevada County, use it in Nevada County. Even one county to the next, an invasive pest could or insect may not be used to that area and may not be natural to that area and so the trees won’t be able to defend themselves against it.”

The multi-pronged campaign includes surveying camper knowledge about invasive species and firewood in areas affected by the gold spotted oak borer (That’s an invasive beetle in San Diego County likely brought into the state on firewood). For more on the Buy It Where You Burn It campaign visit www.firewood.ca.gov.

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