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California’s Formulated Gas Supply down 25%

Why has the cost of gasoline in California been going up when in other parts of the country gas prices have been going down?  Vice President of the Meyers Investment Group, Rick Hansen says gas stations in California can only sell a specially formulated, cleaner burning gasoline in the summer months,  and production of that specially blended gasoline is down, as 4 of the state’s 12 refineries are currency not in operation.
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Hansen says for every penny or so that gas prices move it can  unlock  from $350 to   $400 million  worth of spending power on a daily basis.
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The average price of gas last week was $4.25 a gallon in the Sacramento region where motorists are paying nearly 20 cents more per gallon than they were paying one year ago. California drivers are also paying more for gasoline than motorists  in most other states.

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