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Caltrans Unveiling New Snowplow

Caltrans has a new piece of equipment to work with. Today they are unveiling a snowplow that can clear two lanes at a time. Spokeswoman Rochelle Jenkins says it’s called a Tow Plow, and it looks like a plow, towing a plow…

Listen to Rochelle Jenkins 1

It’s the first one in the state of California, and will be used exclusively on Interstate 80. Jenkins says they are rolling it out now, just in time for some anticipated bad weather tomorrow…

Listen to Rochelle Jenkins 2

Jenkins says the trailer portion costs about 80-thousand dollars. They will test this one out for awhile before they decide whether or not to purchase any more. The tow-plow will be (was) unveiled at the Kingvale Maintenence Station this morning (at 10am).

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