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Canine Finds Drugs in Hidden Compartment

Minor traffic violations and mechanical issues on a vehicle caught the eye of a Grass Valley police officer Thursday evening. Unfortunately for the passenger, Augustin Bisiaux, he was on searchable probation. Even more unfortunate for Bisiaux, the CHP canine officer was on duty at the same time. According to Grass Valley Sgt Steve Johnson, Bisiaux,  was in possession of a container with a secret compartment.
Click here to listen to Sgt Steve Johnson

Bisiaux,-AugustinThe total weight of the methamphetamine was over 25 grams. Bisiaux also had a large amount of cash in small bills in his possession.
As a result of the combination of packaged drugs and amount of cash, the officer determined Bisiaux was involved with the sale of drugs. Bisiaux was charged with a number of drug violations as well a probation violation.

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