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Car Burglary Hits Local Family

A Penn Valley Family whose family cash was stolen in a car burglary, are grateful for the support they have received from the community.  Carmella Lopez says her husband, Angel,  lost his state job as a roofer last September and could not find a new job in Nevada County.  The family of 6 with a baby on the way  recently moved into an apartment on Broken Oak Court.   That’s where Carmella’s  car was parked last week when it was broken into and her purse, containing $400 in cash, her checkbook,  and all the family identification papers were stolen.  Carmella says the family identification papers  were   in her purse as they were required for the family to sign up for Toys for Tots this year. She says she should have locked the car, but that doesn’t give anybody the right to steal .
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Since word of their loss was reported in the Union Newspaper, Angel Lopez has  been offered some odd jobs  and   a local church and strangers have offered food and Carmella says she is grateful.

click to hear Carmella Lopez

Carmella says they want to work for money,  they do not want a handout.  Angel does landscaping and she  has a photography Business, FaithLily Photography, working  primarily with families and babies.     The Lopez family can be reached at (503) 903-2270.

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