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Car Thief Arrested After Stealing Car From Care Facility

A car thief was located and booked Sunday following the report of a stolen vehicle on Saturday. Grass Valley Police Sgt Clint Bates says that an early 2000s Honda Accord was reported stolen from a care facility on Sutton Way. Police officers located the vehicle while doing an area check where other stolen vehicles had been located in the past. Sgt Bates said the the car was found at the residence of 30 year old Joseph Woodruff on Idaho Maryland and Saint Ledger Forest.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Clint Bates

The second suspect was a woman that was determined to not be involved with the car theft and the third suspect evaded officers. The Honda had extensive damage as a result of the theft.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Clint Bates

The original license plates were also located on the property. Apparently they had been switched with plates from a different vehicle.

Joseph Woodruff was booked on vehicle theft and possession of stolen property worth more than 400 dollars.

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