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CARB Emissions Seminar Draws Big Crowd

Frustrated truckers and vehicle fleet owners packed the Rood Center, concerned about new regulations when it comes to diesel emissions. The California Air Resources Board is implementing new environmental regulations that would require expensive modifications to older engines. Dino DiSalvo owns a fleet of off-road vehicles. He wanted to find out what that means for him…

Listen to Dino DiSalvo

It *is* confusing. There are different requirements for different vehicles–everything from school buses to tractor-trailers to off-road vehicles. Bill Gassaway owns a water-tender, which he contracts out to fire companies. He says he’s all for environmental protection, but says California is going about it all wrong…

Listen to Bill Gassaway

Gassaway says the state should just let the older vehicles or engines stay in operation until they no longer function, then replace them with modern ones. Yesterday’s seminar, conducted by the Air Resources Board, filled the Board of Supervisors chambers for three hours.

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