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CARB to Explain Diesel Regs

The California Air Resources Board has a list of   regulations for diesel vehicles and equipment powered by diesel that will be implemented over the next 10 years, but diesel owners say it’s nearly imposible to determine which regulations apply to them and what   they will have to do to come into compliance.  Northern Sierra air Quality Management District Executive Director Gretchen Bennitt says due to requests from the public, they have asked a representative from CARB to come to Nevada County to put on  a training course.

click to hear Gretchen Bennitt

The title of the course is How to Comply with the California Air Resources Board Diesel Vehicle Regulations.  All owners of diesel trucks, buses, off-road equipment, trailers and transport refrigeration units that operate in California are required to comply with the state  diesel vehicle and equipment regulations.  Their is no charge for the course but attendees are asked to register with CARB by going to the  website:    www.arb.ca.gov/truckstop  and click on the link that says “Training” under the “Useful Links” section or call the CARB  Diesel Hotline at (866) 634-3735.

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