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Cascade Shores Homeowners Cal-Fire inspections

The Homeowners of Cascade Shores have made major improvements in the clearing of downed trees according to Chelsea Fox with Cal-Fire. According to Fox, cal-Fire inspects all properties in the county every 5 years and the last check of Cascade shores resulted in over 100 cited properties for failure to create adequate defensible space around their homes. Fox shares what inspectors have found recently.

“We spoke with one of our inspectors, Kevin Gallagher, and actually got every house in Cascade Shores done. There have been a few violations. The good news is that people are getting the message. We’ve done a pretty good job educating and people have done a good job listening and they’re getting the message that defensible space is a really good idea, and not only that, but required by law and people are doing their clearance.”

Inspectors have recently been in the Penn Valley area and are continuing their inspections, encouraging home owners to clear dead vegetation from the ground within 100 foot of their property to reduce fire danger.

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