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Celebrating Veterans of Beale Air Force Base

About 11 hundred Citizen Airmen and women make up the U.S. Air Force reserve at Beale Air Force Base. Colonel Kevin Cavanaugh is commander of the 940th Wing and says they fill a multitude of jobs to provide our nation’s defense.

“We have folks that are providing intelligence support our troops in theater, we have folks that fly the Global Hawk, high altitude surveillance aircraft. We have security forces, we have medics, civil engineers, you name it. They run the gamut. We cover a lot of specialties in the 940th wing.”

The reservists of the 940th wing live in our community work in places like Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Hills Flat Lumber and the Grass Valley Police Department.  Col. Cavanaugh says the economic impact of the 940th wing at Beale is estimated at $42 million dollars generated back in to the community. Col. Cavanaugh says their part time service can extend into lengthy tours.

“The typical answer is one weekend a month and two weeks a year of annual tour, but I can tell you, over the past 10 years since 9-11, our reservists have been putting in a lot more time between that normal training period and then deployed operations overseas.”

Beale Air Force recently welcomed back Security forces from a 6 month deployment in theater.


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