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Cell Phone Drivers Aware of Dangerous Activity

A new Triple-A survey shows that those who talk on their cell phone while driving, know that it is dangerous but do it anyway. The study by the Triple-A Foundation for Traffic Safety says 69 percent of licensed drivers admitted to talking on their cell while driving within the last month, while 89 percent believe that other drivers using their cell phones are a threat to their personal safety. Spokeswoman Cynthia Harris…

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…like speeding, driving drowsy, or driving without a seatbelt. Harris says it’s not a case of drivers not caring, but more of a feeling of self-denial…

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65 percent of those who admitted to talking on their phones also admitted to driving too fast on occasions, while only 31 percent of those who said they did not talk on their phones admitted to speeding. Triple-A recommends you turn off your phone while you are driving, and check your messages later.

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