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Cell Phone Video Leads to Rape Arrest

It’s a man’s own videos that has gotten him in further trouble with the law, and earned him another trip to jail. 27 year-old Timothy Woolley of Grass Valley was originally arrested on January 11th on domestic violence charges. The Nevada County Sheriff’s Department has been gathering evidence in the case, and Sheriff Keith Royal says most of it has come from Woolley’s own security system…

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Woolley,-Timothy1Royal says video also showed drug transactions involving marijuana. And that’s not all, Royal says more evidence came from Woolley’s own cell phone…

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Woolley was previously arrested after allegedly attacking his girlfriend who had supposedly been looking for another relationship on Craigslist. He had also skipped town to after his original arrest, and was returned from Reno by a bail bondsman. Woolley was arrested again yesterday (Sunday) morning and is now being held on 500-thousand dollars bail.

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January 29, 2014


Perfect. Right were he belongs. Rot

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